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Stammering Cure Centre Stammering Cure Centre cures stammering (hindi: haklana) in just 2 weeks using techniques developed Stammering cure Specialist Partha Bagchi, an Ex-Stammerer has cured more than 23000 people using his techniques. Visit our website to know more.
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Stammering Cure Centre cures stammering (hindi: haklana) in just 2 weeks using techniques developed Stammering cure Specialist Partha Bagchi, an Ex-Stammerer has cured more than 23000 people using his techniques.

Visit our website to know more.

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My vision and mission is always to cure maximum number of stammerers all over India with particular emphasis on middle class and those weaker in financial affordability. With that in view, I always maintain a very reasonable course fee to fulfil my mission to make a stammering-free society. Over the years, I have been giving advertisements in the media and in a year, my publicity expenses rises to a massive amount. I have advertised in most of the reputed regional newspapers of India to make maximum number of people aware of this course. I, as an individual, am trying my level best to conduct mass awareness programmes to spread the news that 'Stammering is not a disease and it can be cured'. I am content that at least I am the only one doing this campaigning since the past 25 years. 

Moreover, besides stammering cure, the 'Regular Course' will considerably improve your personality, sharpen communication skills, boost up confidence, strengthen fluency in English speaking, develop positive attitude, enrich ambition level, enhance free mixing with people, make you well prepared to excel in interviews, better challenging skill and have a relaxed mindset with complete command over negative thoughts, temper, anger and depression. In short, it will transform you totally into a fluent speaker with a confident personality. All these things come as a package along with stammering cure and that too in the same 'Course Fee'. 

In fact, I have sacrificed my life, career and family by leaving the profession of a Chartered Accountant and have taken the plunge into a neglected and unpredictable field of stammering cure. I accepted the challenge and with my strong dedication, perseverance, innovation, imagination and creative thoughts and ideas, coupled with never-to-leave determined mindset, I make it possible not only to cure stammering but now that too also in a less number of days easily and surely. Initially it was a big challenge for me but now I have become an expert in this field with over 25 years of experience. You can read in detail about the types of courses offered and their respective materials and course fees in the following sections.

Keep in mind that what you are investing as 'Course Fees' is just a small amount as compared to what you are getting in return – A BRIGHT NEW PROSPEROUS AND SUCCESSFUL LIFE.


The Regular Course Fee in Bangalore is Rs. 16, 000 for any language (less for children). It includes two practice material books (around 100 pages each), three CDs and 'STAMMERING A SURE CURE' book (200 pages) written by Partha Bagchi, the only practical and authentic book on this subject in the history of India. The practice material can be taken in English, Hindi, Kannada or Bengali. 


*Along with English, it is available in Hindi, Kannada and Bengali languages too. The following points are applicable in those languages also.

I understand the practical difficulties of many people about coming to Bangalore for doing the 'Regular Course' to cure stammering because of time, suitable opportunity and money. With that in mind, I have developed a unique 'Correspondence Course' with the help of my extensive research since 25 years. It is designed in such a manner so that anybody and everybody whatever may be the age and the extent of stammering can cure it easily and surely within a short period of time. Lot of innovative thoughts, intelligent and imaginative planning and 25 years of my vast experience and research has been blended together to make the stammering cure more practically effective for everybody.

It is not like other home courses which are advice-oriented and either commonsensical or too complicated. In the two Practice Material Books several varieties of practices and techniques are prescribed along with proper guidelines, suitable time and place for doing the practices, their benefits, etc. A total planning chart gives the order in which you have to do practice and its duration. All the practices are clearly demonstrated in the CDs. 

Each of these practices has its own different benefits and the combined benefits of all these practices together are huge and marvellous. At any time, if I find any shortcoming in the techniques, immediately I update them and introduce new techniques to make it more practical and instant result-oriented. So many instructions are given, both To-Dos and Not-To-Dos, to follow in day to day practical life.

After reading and going through the two Practice Material Book and 'Stammering A Sure Cure' book, you get to know lots of correct and factual information on stammering and its cure. All the texts are inspiring and will motivate you to be always charged up, spirited and enthusiastic. After doing the practices regularly, attentively and religiously, instant improvement results from the very beginning. As improvement is a process, you will find a steady development and improvement : 
(i) You will get a regular inflow and outflow of breathing
(ii) You will be able to control unnecessary speed and force while speaking 
(iii) You will be able to co-ordinate thinking and speaking 
(iv) Your speech muscles will get relaxed. 
(v) You will overcome fear, hesitation, excitement and nervousness. 
(vi) Your newly built self confidence and self belief will come to make it easy to speak without stammering. 

Correspondence course fee Rs. 5500/- and the course material is the same as the Regular Course. It includes two Practice Material books (each around 100 pages), three CD's and 'STAMMERING A SURE CURE' book (200 pages) written by Partha Bagchi, the only practical and authentic book on this subject in the history of India. 


The Hindi Correspondence Course Fee is Rs. 4500. It consists of two Hindi Practice Material Books (each around 100 pages), three Hindi CDs and 'HAKLAHAT KA NISHCHIT UPCHAR' book of around 200 pages (Hindi translation of the book 'STAMMERING A SURE CURE' by Partha Bagchi). 

The Kannada Correspondence Course Fee is Rs. 4500. Both have the same materials, which consists of two Kannada Practice Material Books (each around 100 pages), three Kannada CDs and 'TODALU NIVAARANEYA SULABHA VIDHAANA' book of around 200 pages (Kannada translation of the book 'STAMMERING A SURE CURE' by Partha Bagchi). 

The Bengali Correspondence Course Fee is Rs. 3500. Both have the same materials, which consists of two Bengali Practice Material Books (each around 100 pages), three Bengali CDs and 'TOTLAAMI SHOHOJEI SHAARE' book of around 200 pages (Bengali translation of the book 'STAMMERING A SURE CURE' by Partha Bagchi).

You can choose to take the Regular Course or Correspondence course in any of the four languages (English, Hindi, Kannada or Bengali) based on your convenience and the language you are comfortable with.


Stammering generally starts early in childhood and rarely in adolescence or early adulthood. When you observe any kind of disfluency or abnormal mannerisms in your child's speaking style for a period of over 3 months or so, immediately take the Children's Special Course and rectify all his problems at the very onset. Most specialists are in favour of advising you to wait till the stammering gets cured naturally and ask you not to get worried. But these problems can grow into complicated severe speech disfluencies, which may be a lot more difficult to cure when it has crystallized in the child's speech system for decades. I am against this stream of thought. I believe that it is better to treat the problem instantly when it starts. In my Centre, more than 60% of the students belong to the age group of 18-25 years. When they get cured so easily and speak fluently and confidently after attending our course, their parents regret why they did not join the Course earlier. Had they joined earlier, their children would have had a more enjoyable, constructive and successful student life much earlier. 

When a child goes for admission to any school, the interview process is a very important part of selection. If the teachers and principals come to know about the child's stammering, they might refuse to give admission to the child, despite good marks or academic performance. The school authorities may also refuse a seat to the child, thinking that other children should not imitate and learn to stammer. Some children with stammering may even be given a Transfer Certificate because of their problem.

Even if the child manages to get through admissions, the teachers and classmates make their life hell with unjust punishments, taunts, teasing, humiliation and social isolation. Hence it is right time for parents to take action and immediately join their child for the course and give them the gift of a new and successful life. For the Regular Course for Children, we are taking in children from the age of 6 years onwards, provided they can manage to interact in English, Hindi, Kannada or Bengali.

For the REGULAR COURSE FOR CHILDREN, we are taking in children from the age of 6 years onwards, provided they can manage to interact in English, Hindi, Kannada or Bengali. The CHILDREN'S CORRESPONDENCE COURSE Fee is Rs. 3000/-, it includes one Practice Material book, one CD and a 'GUIDANCE TO PARENTS FOR CHILD STAMMERING' book.


Once you have decided to change your life by changing the way you speak, act immediately and join the course. It is an excellent idea to get around 10-12 days' time to attend the Regular Course in Bangalore. But if it is difficult to get leave, we have an attractive and effective alternative plan specially designed for busy people like you. At first, you can take the Correspondence Course immediately. 

It includes the same set of practice materials as in the Regular Course. Start doing the practices with the help of the instructions and the demonstrations given in the practice material books and the CDs. Definitely you will get effective and steady improvement, which will motivate you to join the Regular Course at Bangalore at your convenience. When you join the Regular course at Bangalore, you will get faster results in lesser number of days since you have already gone through the practices and techniques. You can even shorten the duration by planning a one week Regular course at Bangalore. I assure you that more personal attention and care will be given for your faster and more solid recovery from stammering. The repertoire of techniques that I have, possess the potential to cut through and eliminate any kind of stammering. 

This Is A Revolution That My Course And Techniques Have Brought To The World In The Field Of Stammering Cure.


My suggestion to you is that don't delay! Don't postpone! Immediately join the course and clear all your problems of speech disfluencies for life. Feel yourself to be very lucky to get a centre like this in Bangalore itself, whereas people are coming from all over the world to attend this course. Since flexible timings are there, you can attend the centre on any day and at any time and for any number of hours at your convenience.

You can start the course right now!

It has been the case for so many people who had been postponing or were very casual in taking this course, least bothered about the most difficult problem in their lives. Suddenly when they had to leave Bangalore, their remorse for missing out on this golden opportunity of a lifetime was limitless.

Beware! Be careful to not tread the same path and repent.

God has given you this excellent opportunity but it's upto you to grab it and utilize it to carve out a new golden life for yourself.


Generally appearing for interviews is a matter of fright for most people, even the fluent speakers. But for stammerers, appearing for interviews and group discussions is nothing less than a nightmare. The moment the interview call comes, most of them start thinking depressingly about all the bad things that may happen to them in the interview. The negative thoughts become so deep-rooted that it becomes almost impossible to perform well in the interview. The problem of stammering is further complicated by the apprehension of the interview proceedings about which the candidate is mostly ignorant. Our package comes to the rescue of numerous such stammerers who are or will be appearing for the interview.

The package is as follows :

• You get amazing fluency of speech by attending our 'Regular Course' in Bangalore. The sooner you sharpen your communication skill the better. 

• Through this course you will also considerably improve your personality, boost up self confidence, strengthen fluent English speaking ability, enhance positive attitude, enrich ambition level, mix freely with others, better your challenging skills, develop a relaxed mindset with complete command over negative thoughts, temper, anger and depression. In short, it will transform you totally into a fluent speaker and a confident personality.

• Besides this, we arrange for 'Mock Interviews' which serves as rehearsal for the actual interview.

• After participating in the 'Group Discussion' held at the Centre, you will be in a confident and comfortable position to fair well in the actual discussion.

• 'Telephone Practice' is also given to perform well in telephonic interviews too, which are very common nowadays.

• The 'Practice Material Book – II' also has a section for tips on interviews.

• In addition to that, a book 'Interviews No More A Hurdle' written by Partha Bagchi of over 300 pages will be provided, which is undoubtedly the most practical book on interview for job seekers. (This book is not available for sale elsewhere.) Our course, along with this book, will mould you into the 'best performing candidate for interviews' – smart, confident, bold, ambitious and enthusiastic with a positive, optimistic attitude and a killer's instinct to win in the race for the job. 

If you fail to get any job within a reasonable time span after having secured a degree, that is a black mark on your track records. So never take a risk with your career. 

Many stammerers, after getting the benefit of this package, have already got their dream jobs with the best pay package. Often they have to choose between lucrative offers from prestigious companies due to their fabulous performance in the interview.

Before missing out on any more golden opportunities, join the course immediately!


I have conducted over 40 successful workshops in various cities of India like Delhi (4 times), Mumbai (5 times), Kolkata (15 times), Chennai (4 times), Hyderabad (4 times), Cochin, Ahmedabad, Siliguri, Goa (2 times) and Agartala. These workshops were conducted to help more people at their own places and convenience. 

However, these workshops are unfair for people who come to Bangalore only to attend the course under my care and guidance. Hence, I dedicate all my time to the students at Bangalore.
No such workshop in future is possible


It is always better to take the smart life-saving decision to join the course by planning early, especially if you are from outside Bangalore. There are over 3 crore people suffering from stammering in India and even more worldwide. So you can imagine the rush at the Centre that could prevent you from getting a seat for Regular Crash Course and from getting a new life. Especially during the summer vacations of schools and colleges, the rush is overwhelming. So book your seat at the earliest for a sure shot chance of getting a bright, stammering-free life. Contact immediately and inform us the tentative month during which you wish to attend the course at Bangalore.

Book your seat at the earliest to avoid disappointment!

Sometimes it is difficult to get confirmed train reservations, especially during the summer vacations and other holidays. If unfortunately you are not able to get the tickets, you can try tickets till Mysore, Chennai or Hyderabad and then avail buses or trains from there to Bangalore which are more frequent and available. The money paid as booking fees will be treated as an advance for the Regular Course Fee. In case the booking amount is paid and you are not able to attend the course at the tentative time, your money can be adjusted against the correspondence course fee, if you opt so, or you can join the regular course at a later date.


You can pay by cash in Bangalore. Otherwise you can send the fee by Bank Demand Draft in favour of STAMMERING CURE CENTRE or PARTHA BAGCHI payable in Bangalore by Courier. The fastest way to pay is Electronic/Online Transfer and it is more convenient nowadays. You can enquire with us for the bank details. To know more about the bank details, SMS or EMAIL us.


Please do not waste your valuable time and opportunities by constantly confusing yourself whether stammering is curable or not. You may have been cheated on several occasions.

Don't worry! Attend my course. 

I will show you how quickly you can talk fluently, just in two weeks. Everybody after getting cured from the Centre always repent that they would have got a much better life if they had come earlier. 

So hurry and act immediately!


It has come to my notice that many fake incompetent people claim to cure stammering by using my name (as if a branch of Stammering Cure Centre or adding some words before of after Stammering Cure Centre) and duplicating my techniques. Some of my students have tried to start similar institutes with my techniques, but have failed to cure people because they lack the in-depth understanding and expertise that I have acquired over the years. Moreover, wrong techniques can do you more harm than good. Do not be duped by such ridiculous claims. Some have even duplicated the content of my website blindly. Many inexperienced people are claiming to be specialists and prescribing medicines which may have serious side-effects. Their main motive is to earn whatever maximum money they can and disappear from the scene. Be alert not to fall into their trap and get cheated.
We Have No Branch In India.

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